Down to the rabbit hole – wystawa Dr. Öğr. Ü. Elif Avcı

We wtorek 19.11.2019 roku o godzinie 17:00 w Wydziałowej Galerii A4 przy. ul. Wrocławskiej 4 odbył się wernisaż Dr. Öğr. Ü. Elif Avcı z Wydziału Sztuki i Projektowania Eskisehir Osmangazi University.

Artystka o sobie i swojej twórczości:

…about me

I was born in August 1979, in Eskişehir. I couldn’t answer the question of “what profession will you choose when you grow up?”, in all my childhood and I just said I won’t be a teacher. In a twist of fate, I became a statistician at first, and then an art teacher. In 2001 I have my BS from Anadolu University, Faculty of Science, Department of Statistics, and in 2007, I have my BA Faculty of Education, Department of Fine Arts Education. After studied in various schools until the middle of my 30s, I have my PhD degree at last, in Fine Arts Education at the Institute of Educational Sciences.

Between 2010 and 2011, I was awarded a Doctorate Fellowship for Research Abroad and continued my studies in the United States. I participated in 50 group exhibitions both in Turkey and abroad between 2008–2019. I opened my first solo exhibition named “Short Stories” in 2018, in Eskişehir. I worked as a research assistant at Anadolu University Fine Arts Education Department between 2007–2018. I continue my theoretical studies on digital art, and in implementation, I prefer the techniques of collage, mixed media, video, digital painting and digital collage in the context of memory, time and identity. I’m currently continue my studies at Eskişehir Osmangazi University, Faculty of Art and Design as a faculty member. I teach Digital Art, Contemporary Turkish Art, Basic Art Education, Drawing, Mythology courses in undergraduate degree, and Digital Art Studio in graduate degree.

I admire all kinds of vintage objects; old photos, old movies, old songs, I keep them carefully when I found them. I also love new kinds of things, I’m interested in digital art for example, if it says something new I can even love an academic article. I like drawing and writing, love my cats, my flowers, my bike and the smell of old books. All my plan for the future is to be able to preserve enough colors, smells, sounds, feelings and faces in my memory.

and about my art…

– We’re all mad here. I’m mad. You’re mad.
– How do you know I’m mad?
– You must be, or you wouldn’t have come here.

The images you will see in the exhibition are undoubtedly a piece of me. Each of them is a short story of what I watch, what I listen, what I see, what I dream, what I live. You are free to read these stories in any order you want. I intend to create a visual space where different people like you and me intuitively combine their own stories. All of the little stories come together, between the real and the dream, to form a longer story which is telling what we can see as we keep falling down to the rabbit hole.

Elif Avcı

fot. G. Gajos