LOOP – Design and Art Exhibition 

Zapraszamy na wystawę „LOOP” w Galerii 215, 4th Street, DeKalb w czwartek, 12 września 2019 r. o godzinie 17:00.

Podczas wizyty w NORTHERN ILLINOIS UNIVERSITY dr hab. Magdalena Hlawacz (mobilność w ramach programu Erasmus+), dr hab. Bartosz Posacki i mgr Paulina Ptaszyńska prezentują swoje prace, na trzech oddzielnych indywidualnych wystawach. Kuratorką wystaw jest dr hab. Aleksandra Giza.

Wystawa czynna od 12 do 27 września 2019 r.

Magdalena Hlawacz – Wake up!

Sleep excludes us from participating in social life, serves to regenerate strength and remains beyond our cognitive control. However, modern society colonizes dreams according to the logic and absolute effectiveness of rational capitalism, branding them worthless: “don’t sleep through life”, regulated by sleeping pills, alarm clocks and even sleep monitoring applications. “I have to sleep on it” brings work into our personal space. “Don’t sleep!” – Today we are obligated to remain vigilant and hyperactive.

Bartosz Posacki – One way.

The cold, snow, blizzards,and ruthless nature of the deserted North, become a metaphor for dysfunctional, brutal social systems deprived of empathy. These systems created by people, are forgetting about people. The road is also an important theme – a road without a clear beginning and end. A path that has no purpose, which expresses the hopeless individual’s longing for the impossible. This projection is a video recording of a live audio-visual performance.
AV performance / video: Bartek Posacki / music: Grzegorz Fijałkowski

Forest AV performance is a visual story of the road lasting10 minutes. Roads without a beginning or an end. It is a journeythrough the primeval environment, foreign yet beautiful,seemingly empty but at the same time vibrant with energy.Forest is also a metaphor of internal vibrations accompanyingthe momentum of the unknown.This projection is a video recording of a live audio-visualperformance.
AV performance / video: Bartek Posacki / music: Grzegorz Fijałkowski

Paulina Ptaszyńska – Black Hole.

On April 10, 2019 – on the day of my 33 birthday, the first-ever photograph of a black hole was published. The black hole, located in the M87 Galaxy in the constellation of Virgo, was photographed by the Event Horizon Telescope.

According to the theory of relativity, black holes are formed from a sufficiently large mass accumulated in a correspondingly small volume. Their boundaries are defined by the event horizon, a sphere from which escape is no longer possible. A black hole is a space-time phenomenon with enormous gravity.

Anything that falls into a black hole can no longer get out, including matter, electromagnetic radiation and light. It all remains trapped inside. The huge curvature of space-time slows down the passage of time and causes all roads to lead back to the center of the black hole. Paradoxically, through the accretion processes taking place, objects that absorb all matter and energy are also among the brightest in the universe.